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Arnea is one of Chalkidiki’s mountainous villages in the Taxiarchis forest.

The village’s name is very recent, dating from 1928. Up until then the village was named Liarigovi. Its current name comes from the union of the names of two ancient cities, Avgea and Arnai, which once existed here.
Liarigovi was a glebe of Konstamonitou Monastery. Together with Siderokapsa, Liarigovi was the largest of the Mantemochoria (villages producing cast iron) and its inhabitants were known to be great metalworkers.
The village was a particularly affluent one, filled with beautiful houses. Its paved alleys featured approximately 30 stone springs with cool water from Mount Holomontas.
However, several houses from the mid-19th century have survived to date. The most beautiful of these is that of the History and Folklore Museum, a unique mansion built by Epirot builders, a true gem which houses the folklore collection.
The school dating back to 1871, which is the oldest in Chalkidiki and currently houses the municipality, and Agios Stefanos church next to it, also dating back to the 19th century, are distinguished by their unparalleled architecture.