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Domaine CLAUDIA PAPAYIANNI is currently represented on the market by 9 labels.

  • Domaine Claudia Papayianni” red, made of Syrah-Merlot & Xinomavro
  • Domaine Claudia Papayianni” rosé, made of Grenache Rouge & Syrah
  • Domaine Claudia Papayianni” white, made of Chardonnay-Malagouzia & Assyrtiko
  • Alexandra”, made of Malagouzia
  • Nikolas”, made of Merlot
  • C.P.” red, made of Xinomavro, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Claudia -C.P.” white, made of Viognier and Assyrtiko, and
  • Ex Arnon”, which come in both red and white

The estate’s wines have won medals and distinctions in Greek and international wine competitions.