After conducting a thorough study, the construction of the 3,300 m2 Winery on a 3.5 hectare plot began in November 2006.

The Winery was completed in 2007 and currently includes a raw material reception area, as well as a vinification and bottling area, raw material and finished product storage areas, a laboratory and area for experimental small-scale vinification, a 900 m2 underground wine cellar/vault with wine barrel washing equipment, a multimedia and wine-tasting room, and an area displaying/selling the vineyard’s wines and other local products.

The section that is open to visitors includes a vinification and bottling area, as well as a wine-tasting area in the underground wine cellar next to the barrels and space where the vineyard’s wines are displayed and sold.

the Facilities

The current capacity of the Claudia Papayianni Winery is 200,000 bottles, with a potential to increase production to 800,000 bottles.

The winery’s machinery includes a destemmer; pumps for transferring grape pulp, must and wine; screw conveyors for stalks and marc; a 5-ton closed-type pneumatic press; and a diatomite, plate and film filter.

The vinification area includes 17 stainless steel settling, fermentation and storage tanks, 7 stainless steel fermenters with pistons, 1 Ganymede-type fermenter, 2 stainless steel cold infusion units (oval) and 2 stabilisation tanks with a total capacity of 150,000 litres. Being equipped with a nitrogen network, all tanks have automatic and controlled heating and cooling via an alternator and a central temperature control system.

The winery has a modern bottling line (Monoblock), as well as capping and labelling machinery.

The two storage areas have a heating and cooling system for creating a balanced preservation environment. Bottled wines rest in ideal conditions, packed in cardboard or wooden boxes until they are released in the market.The wine cellar and vault extend across a single underground space of 900m2, where the conditions are ideal for ageing, maturation and preservation. This area has a fixed temperature of 14°C and approximately 80% humidity throughout the year, both of which are regulated by a special air-conditioning system. The cellar houses 104 oak barrels of the Allier & Nevers type. Most of the barrels are of French origin, while 20 are American.